React Native Mobile Application Developer

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  • Gönderim Tarihi: 28 Mayıs 2022
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Liberyus is a well-known company working in the fields of Digital Media and Software Development both within Turkey and abroad. Our main focus is to develop innovative projects mainly to solve problems of our clients ranging from niche to broader subject areas.

We are looking for teammates who will come with solution-oriented ideas, personality, and work discipline. We are expecting prospects who will work as ReactNative Front-end Developer on internal mobile app software development projects in our office at GOP, Ankara.

Detecting problems is a requirement, but coming up with solutions to those problems is a MUST.

Scope of Work

In this role, you will primarily be developing internal mobile application projects with React Native.

Code Analysis – You must conduct a rigorous analysis of the mobile application project requirements. This involves a brainstorming session with the development team to either come up with ideas for a new appliction or a complete revamp of an existing one. Then you’ll need to determine the feasibility of each idea before identifying the best way to proceed. You’re also expected to offer details on the application’s features and functionalities.

Development and Database Optimization – The next step is to use your technical knowledge to develop the site/page according to the final plan. What you create should be dynamic. A React Native Mobile App Developer is expected to develop an optimized and Android and iOS compatible mobile app and upload it to the app markets.

Testing – You have to test the mobile application for every conceivable error and get feedback from the client. Once you have located errors, debug them and finalize the mobile application.

Maintenance – React Native Mobile Application Developer’s job is not done when the website/webpage has been published! You must update it continuously and alter functionalities from time to time to improve visibility and user experience.


  • To be a part of the software development team
  • To develop new features based on a specific product or create new products
  • To produce fully functional mobile applications written in clean/readable code!
  • To review customer feature requests with Project Managers and propose design solutions
  • To develop front-end components, connect the backend with API’s
  • To ensure the release of the software with minimum errors
  • To build reusable code and libraries for future use (sustainable coding)
  • To complete projects within the driven quality limits, in compliance with their deadlines
  • Ability to take and follow up responsibilities
  • Being open to self-development and curiosity


  • Resides in Ankara
  • Bachelor’s degree in the related fields
  • Participation in medium and large-scale projects
  • +3 years of experience in React Native Mobile Application Developing
  • Experience writing docs for a developer audience
  • Have experience of installing mobile applications in app markets
  • A portfolio with samples demonstrating the abovementioned skills will be required
  • Being a cat person


  • Ability to upload applications to App markets (Play, AppStore, etc.)
  • Cross-platform mobile app development history with React Native
  • Familiarity with 1-2 programming languages or other technical foundations like DevOps tools
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English