Software & IT Specialist (Ukrainian, Russian, Syrian : Only for foreigners that are in Istanbul and are Under Temporary Protection)

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Tam Zamanlı
  • Gönderim Tarihi: 15 Eylül 2023
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Indata Endüstriyel Veri Teknolojileri AŞ



  • We are an 8 year old Boutique Tech company with a peaceful business environment.


  • We have accumulated know-how with our industry-specific software that has been a pioneer in its field in the past years.


  • We work on the “Software Solution House” model in areas such as Custom CRM, Custom Process Management and Business software. In addition, we are also developing new products in SaaS model and partnering with other R&D companies.


  • We currently have a non-intensive, calm work order and a brilliant supportive team.



  • We are in cooperation with government and EU to extend our team with IT professionals who are under temporary protection (Ukrainian, Russian, Syrian etc.)





  • Any kind of software development or IT profession is welcome.


  • Mobile Development, Web development, Software Project Management, Product Development, IT and Support Roles, Design, Digital Marketing etc. are all welcome.


  • English and some Turkish knowledge is required, while Arabic or Russian is a plus.


  • The candidate MUST be in the status of “Under Temporary Protection” (SuTP/FuITP – GKAS/UKSK)

(check the link for more info:


  • We strongly expect the candidate to be close to our Office which is inside Technopark Istanbul Campus, Pendik, Istanbul (company residence can be provided for short term)


  • Work Permit will be applied for qualified candidates.




Please apply only by the link below: